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Haines On Main
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ST. CHARLES – Situated on Main Street in St. Charles, the Haines House has become a focal point of the community. Built in 1886 by Charles Haines, both the man and the house he built have added to the rich history of St. Charles.

Charles Haines was Co-Founder of the St. Charles Board of Education and he served on that until he died, He built the Haines High School, which was on the east side of town and was eventually torn down in 1957 for a bigger and more modern facility. He had quite an estate and actually ended up leaving about $100,000 to the school district.

Since Haines’ death, his home has served many different facets. Currently, the home  was recently purchased by Julie Starck, Owner of Erasistable Vintage Rentals.  This will be the new location for the business and Julie has some exciting future business plans, so stay tuned! 

The house was awarded a plaque from the city's Historic Preservation Committee, citing its historic importance and recently celebrated its 150th birthday. 

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